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The 5000 series pressure switches have been designed to be used in various applications ranging from standard to ultra-heavy duty. The switches sense a change in the pressure and when a designated set point is reached they will either open or close an electrical circuit. A wide selection of pressure ranges are available making them suitable for many applications.
Potential Applications:. Engine transmission. Hydraulics and brakes. Power steering. Fuel pressure. ABS brakes. Cruise control. Oxygen concentrators. Dental air. Embalming equipment. Generators/compressors. Pool/spa water pressure
Stands up to extended duty applications. Factory set. Direct acting blade - gold-plated contacts. No dead band. Kapton diaphragm for compatibility with a variety of fluids. Various electrical connections and terminations
Pressure Range = 47 - 76psi
Pressure Reading Type = Vacuum
Media Measured = Air, Fuel, Oil
Output Type = SPST-NC
Supply Voltage = 6 - 24 V dc
Minimum Pressure Reading = 47psi
Maximum Pressure Reading = 76psi
Process Connection = NPT 1/8
Electrical Connection = Screw Terminals
Minimum Operating Temperature = -40°F

Product Category
Vacuum Switches
Device Category
Performance Specifications
Vacuum Range
3930 torr (-125 in Hg vac)
Pressure Measurement
Switch Characteristics
Normal State
Normally Closed
Number of Poles
Single Pole

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Number of Throws
Maximum DC Volts
Signal Output
Environmental Specifications
Operating Temperature

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