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FLEXSTRIP® jumpers are multi-conductor board- to -board interconnect devices. They provide a convenient, reliable alternative to conventional point to point wiring for high density, high vibration PCB interconnections. Two types are available: those made from Nomex material are suitable for standard applications where changes of direct resistance due to humidity are not critical, those made from PTFE are ideal for high electrical and mechanical performance applications.
The product can be repeatably flexed without failure, reliable vibration- and break proof connection. No long preparation times for connecting PCBs, no cutting into sections, no preliminary work. Can be installed by most commonly used soldering techniques. High processsing speed,e.g soldering all the wiring points in the soldering bath simultaneously
Number of Ways = 15
Pitch = 2.54mm
American Wire Gauge = 24
Reel Length = 76.2mm
Voltage Rating = 300 V
Hi-Flex = Yes
Minimum Operating Temperature = -40°C
Maximum Operating Temperature = +125°C
Capacitance = 11.2 pF/ft
High Density = Yes


TE Connectivity ™
Manufacturer Part Number
Product Category
Control and Instrumentation Cables
North American
24 AWG
Rated Voltage
Rated Temperature
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