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The EcoCable Mini is designed for customers who require a smaller, lighter 300V cable.
Fully recyclable cable and wire. High performance advantages. Benefits EcoCable line. 32% smaller, 44% lighter than standard 300 V PVC Cable. Easy installation. mPPE insulation and jacketing. Finely stranded conductors. Flexible. Effective in constrained spaces. Low outgassing in comparison to standard PVC. Halogen, phthalates, heavy metal free
Number of Cores = 2
Cross Sectional Area = 0.241 mm²
Screened/Unscreened = Unscreened
Length = 30m
Outer Diameter = 2.84mm
Sheath Colour = Grey
Core Strands = 19/0.127 mm
American Wire Gauge = 24 AWG
Fire Behaviour = Halogen Free
Voltage Rating = 300 V


Alpha Wire
Manufacturer Part Number
Product Category
Control and Instrumentation Cables
North American
24 AWG
Rated Voltage
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