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High density centre-to-centre pitch allows increased miniaturisation. Precise spacing for controlled electrical characteristics. Easy, fast mass-termination. The first conductor easily identified via continuous black edge trace. Double contour allows termination from either side of the cable. Solid 30awg conductors on 0.635mm (0.025in) spacing. UL style 2678
Number of Ways = 26
Pitch = 0.64mm
American Wire Gauge = 30
Reel Length = 30m
Width = 16.51 mm
Cable Shape = Ribbon
Sheath Colour = Grey
Voltage Rating = 150 V
Screened/Unscreened = Unscreened
Conductor Strand Type = Solid


Product Category
Control and Instrumentation Cables
North American
30 AWG
Rated Voltage
0.1500 kilovolts
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