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Communication and Control Cable -- 1181/50C

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Communication and Control Cable -- 1181/50C-Image

Our line-up of standard communication and control cables gives you maximum choice and fewer tradeoffs. By offering you a comprehensive collection of insulation/jacketing materials, shielding options, and conductor counts, you can easily select the cable that meets your most demanding needs. We have cables that go beyond the ordinary to satisfy rigorous requirements of EMI performance, transmission distances, flexibility, and temperature extremes.

Product Category
Control and Instrumentation Cables
Product Type
Multiconductor Cable
Cable Jacket
Polyvinyl Chloride; 0.035" Wall, Nom.,PVC
Cable Insulation
Polyvinyl Chloride; 0.010" Wall, Nom. PVC
Cable Conductor
22 (7/30) AWG TC
Cable Shielding
No Shielding; UNSHIELDED

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Conductor Size
North American
Cable Performance
Number of Conductors
Rated Voltage
Rated Temperature
Standards / Certifications