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Effective and safe cleaners based on the power of orange oil. The safe alternative to chlorinated solvents with zero ozone depletion potential.,Natural solvent based systems with long active life, low vapour pressure and exceedingly low VOC rating. The alternative to highly volatile or toxic cleaners such as chlorinated and aromatic hydrocarbon solvents.,Powerful, yet safe cleaner for removing heavy contaminants from electrical joints, connections, switch gear, circuit boards etc. Can be applied directly with a cloth and suitable for component soaking.
Effective against solder flux, greases etc. Will not affect most cable insulation or circuit boards. High dielectric strength, safe for use on electrical apparatus. Flammable (refer to MSDS)
Application = Electrical Cable Cleaning
Package Type = Tub
Number of Wipes per Pack = 150
Colour = White
Wiper Size = 250 x 300mm


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Wipes and Wipers
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Wipe or Swab
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