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Tork Heavy-Duty and Industrial cleaning cloths include the excelICLEAN technology giving you a quicker professional cleaning performance. The cloths are silicone free leaving no residue on surface and meet all your cleaning needs. Versatile and compatible with most solvents and detergents. The strong material is excellent for absorbing oil and water plus the cloths fits into the Tork Floor or Wall Stand Dispensers.
Heavy-Duty and Industrial cleaning cloths,Fit the Tork Floor or Wall Stand Dispensers,excelICLEAN technology,Quick and professional cleaning abilities,Strong texture material,Absorbs oil and water,Compatible with most detergents and solvents,Silicone free,No residue,Thick,Durable,Highly absorbent
W1 â€" Wipers wall/floor/standard system,W2 â€" Wipers combi roll system,W3 â€" Wiper pak system
Trade Name = Tork Cleaning Cloth
Package Type = Centrefeed
Number of Wipes per Pack = 1
Colour = White
Wiper Size = 152 m x 320 mm


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Wipes and Wipers
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Wipe or Swab
Width / OD
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