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Europa Vi

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Demands for manufacturing flexibility include a wider range of substrate sizes than ever before. The inherent flexibility of the Europa platform includes the Vi configuration capable of printing an unprecedented range of substrates as small as 2.0" x 1.6" (50mm x 40.5mm) and as large as 24" x 24" (610mm x 610mm).

DEK's new Europa Vi delivers the stability, accuracy, repeatability and flexibility required to maximise output in manufacturing environments that need to accommodate a diverse range of substrate sizes. The platform future-proofs tomorrow's large substrate technology in the key areas of advanced technology backplanes, solar and fuel cell panels and multi-up substrate printing.

Large board capability is enabled by fully adjustable transport rails that are capable of handling boards as heavy as 16.5lb (7.5kg) and as thick as 0.236" (6mm). The heavy duty remote board stop, dual speed transport motors and large board transit logic ensure smooth, reliable substrate input and output.

Powered by Instinctiv™ V9, DEK's revolutionary operator interface, the Europa Vi ensures smooth operator transition, and can accommodate a wide ranging suite of Productivity Tools and substrate handling options such as selective print pass-through, soft rail lift and land, and Virtual Panel Tooling.


  • Extended substrate image size range for future-proof manufacturing flexibility
  • Meets the diverse volume, mix and size requirements of modern production environments
  • Compatible with a wide range of award-winning productivity tools
  • Longer board clamps support 25” of squeegee and stencil foil to reduce paste wastage and increase stencil foil life
  • Ideal for key growth areas of advanced technology backplanes, multi-up substrate printing and solar and fuel cell panels