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Ideal for applications where a long operating life, with quiet operation, reliability and no maintenance are of prime importance. No brushes mean no wear, no mechanical or electrical noise, no sparks or interference. Built in electronics for motor speed control, removing the need for an external drive board. Fail safe motor protection, current limiting, thermal protection and timed cut-off for locked rotor. 351-5189 features regulation for closed loop operation without the need for an encoder
Supply Voltage = 24 V dc
DC Motor Type = Brushless
Power Rating = 30 W
Output Speed = 2200 rpm
Shaft Diameter = 6mm
Maximum Output Torque = 140 mNm
Length = 73.2mm
Width = 57mm
Depth = 57mm
Dimensions = 73.2 x 57 x 57 mm


Manufacturer Part Number
Product Category
Brushless Motors
Motor Type
DC Motor
Standard DC Voltage
DC Voltage Range
24.0 VDC
Output Power
0.0402 HP
Continuous Torque
1.2 In-lbs (1.43 kg-cm)
Shaft Size
Shaft Speed
Diameter / Width
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