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These 45BLW flat motors are the ideal solution for many applications due to their compact, flat design - 45mm diameter and a length <30 mm. In the 45BLW motors (16 poles design), the permanent magnets are located on the external rotor which rotate around the internal stator with the windings. In addition to the shorter design, the advantage of this construction compared to internal rotor motors comes from having the same output with lower torque ripple due to the rotor‘s higher moment of inertia.
Flat DC Motor. Brushless technology. Rated Voltage 24 Vdc. Hall effect sensors with 120° electrical angle. Class B insulation. 45 mm diameter
Supply Voltage = 24 V dc
DC Motor Type = Brushless
Output Speed = 5260 rpm
Shaft Diameter = 4mm
Maximum Output Torque = 0.25 Nm
Length = 42.2mm
Width = 42.8mm
Dimensions = 42.8 (Dia.) x 42.2 mm
Current Rating = 7 A
Core Construction = Permanent Magnet


Product Category
Brushless Motors
Motor Type
DC Motor
Standard DC Voltage
DC Voltage Range
24.0 VDC
Continuous Current
7 amps
Continuous Torque
2.2 In-lbs (2.55 kg-cm)
Shaft Size
Shaft Speed
Diameter / Width
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