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Brushless Slotless DC Motor -- 16ECP52 ULTRA EC

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Brushless Slotless DC Motor -- 16ECP52 ULTRA EC-Image

16ECP52 ULTRA ECDownsize and optimize your application with a brushless slotless DC motor that also runs up to 30W continuous power at 40,000 rpm.Motor HighlightsCompact 16mm diameter - enables machine miniaturizationOptimized magnetic design - allows motor to achieve up to 30W continuous powerOptimized and flexible mechanical design - allows 16ECP to adapt to any appplicationProprietary coil design and optimized bearing assembly - allows 16ECP motors to reach speeds up to 40,000 rpmWith or without hall sensorsCustomization AvailableDust protection sealing of cables outputConnectorDifferent optimization (speed or direction)Different coil impedanceApplicationsPeripheral Artery Disease Treatment DevicesInfusion PumpsMedical AnalyzersSample Prep WorkstationPick & PlaceXYZ AxesElectric Grippers


Product Category
Brushless Motors
Motor Type
DC Motor
Torque Constant
1.13 to 5.1 in-oz/amp (8 to 36 mN-m/amp)
Output Power
0.0402 HP
Continuous Current
0.4000 to 1.7 amps
Continuous Torque
0.1 to 0.1 In-lbs (0.1347 to 0.1418 kg-cm)
Rotor Inertia
Shaft Size
Shaft Speed
Shaft Orientation
Motor Shape
Diameter / Width
Environmental Features
Operating Temperature