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Brushless Slotless DC Motor -- 26BC 3C

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Brushless Slotless DC Motor -- 26BC 3C-Image

The 26BC brushless slotless motor utilizes a self-supporting cylindrical ironless coil made in the same winding technique as our ironless DC motors. The 26BC micro motors offers long life, excellent speed and position control and smooth rotation.

Motor Highlights

  • Compact design
  • Slotless
  • 2 poles
  • Compact design
  • Low iron losses at high speed
  • High efficiency
  • 3 phases

Customization Available

  • Shaft length
  • Special coil
  • Cable and connector
  • Value addition mounting


  • Infusion Systems
  • Miniature Pumps
  • Valve Actuation


Product Category
Brushless Motors
Motor Type
DC Motor
Torque Constant
0.9912 in-oz/amp (7 mN-m/amp)
Output Power
0.0076 HP
Continuous Torque
0.1 In-lbs (0.0714 kg-cm)
Shaft Speed
Shaft Orientation
Motor Shape
Diameter / Width
Operating Temperature