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Ultra EC Brushless DC Motor -- 22ECP60 ULTRA EC

Ultra EC Brushless DC Motor -- 22ECP60 ULTRA EC -- View Larger Image
Ultra EC Brushless DC Motor -- 22ECP60 ULTRA EC-Image

The ECP line of miniature motors are ultra cost optimized without compromising on premium performance. The 22ECP60 provides high continuous and peak torques with limited core losses over a wide range of working speeds, and without friction or brush wear. With the 22ECP60, you can get the right balance between torque and speed to suit most applications

Motor Highlights

  • 2 poles slotless
  • With or without hall sensors
  • 2 standard lengths available
  • Proprietary coil design, high efficiency
  • Maximized performance/price ratio

Customization Available

  • Connector
  • Different coil impedance
  • Shaft lengths


  • Medical Analyzers
  • Humanoid Robot
  • Material handling
  • Pick & Place
  • Seat Actuation
  • Power Hand Tools

Product Category
Brushless Motors
Motor Type
DC Motor
Motor Shaft Specifications
Shaft Orientation
In-line; Single-ended

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Other Specifications
Motor Shape
Diameter / Width