Laboratory Freezers from Sartorius Group

Celsius® S3 Systems -- FTH-CS00000-0002


Celsius® S3 System with EU Computer FTH-CS00000-0002

  • Scale down tool for process development
  • Linear scalability
  • Multiple F-T cycles
  • Stable samples

Celsius® S3 is the only laboratory instrument to evaluate the freeze and thaw processes of new drug candidates in single-use containers. This system is a tool to execute freeze-thaw process development and stability studies using a minimal amount of product. It is composed of a temperature controlled unit (CryoPilot A), a module for bag insertion (S3 Module), a mixing plattform for the thawing steps (CryoMixer Jr), a computer with data acquisition system and a custom-built software (CryoPilot Software) and single-use bags (Celsius®-Pak 30 ml and 100 ml).

Product Category
Laboratory Freezers
Unit Style
External Dimensions
14 inch (356 mm)
16.75 inch (425 mm)
21 inch (533 mm)

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