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IND-PS350 ATX Style 350 Watts Switching Power Supply

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The IND-PS350 is ideally suited for system integrators and end users who require a cost effective power supply. It complied with AT and ATX 12V standard for Active Power Factor Correction.

The IND-PS350's unique design outputs low noise and ripple ,which is a perfect solution for today's heavy duty work environment. It protects against short circuit, over voltage and over current conditions by automatically shutting down the unit when one of these problem exists, latching off the power supply without damage to the unit. The power supply will return to normal operation after the power problem has been removed.

Furthermore, the IND-PS350 provides minimum 18 mSeconds hold-up times, in the event that the input power is removed or interrupted, for the duration of one cycle of the input frequency. To ensure an orderly start-up procedure, the IND-PS350 provides a TTL compatible power good signal, which provides 100-500 milli-Seconds time delays at power on, and 1 milli-second delay for power off.

The remote on/off function from the IND-PS350 allows a computer to remotely control the power supply in conjunction with these advanced Features
: soft on/off, Wake on LAN, Wake-on-modem and Power Failure Restart.

Each IND-PS350 power supply is 100% burn-in tested under high ambient temperature, to ensure reliability in harsh environments. Its high efficiency electronic design makes the IND-PS350 the best choice for most advanced computer systems.

Standard ATX12V power supply form factor with P4 connector for Pentium 4 and Athlon XP
Input range from 90-265V AC, frequency 47-63Hz
Power output 350 Watts
Internal 12V DC fan included
Output over voltage, short circuit, and over current protections, auto-shut-down power functions.
Hold-up time 18 milli-Seconds minimum at normal input voltage full loaded
TTL level Power Good signal for startup.
Operation temperature 0 to 50 degrees centigrade
Humidity: 95% RH
Dimension 150 mm x 140 mm x 86 mm