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4-in-1 Ratcheting Box Wrench -- 8C

4-in-1 Ratcheting Box Wrench -- 8C -- View Larger Image
4-in-1 Ratcheting Box Wrench -- 8C-Image

Lowell Corporation’s Model 8C 4-in-1 “Bolt-Thru”, Ratcheting Box Wrench for pipe line installation and repair.

Carry one wrench instead of four!

  • 200 lb-ft torque capacity
  • 12 point socket openings
  • 36 ratchet teeth (10 degree handle throw)
  • Ergonomic handle grip
  • Hi-Vis sockets and grip
  • Made in USA
  • Patent Pending

* To ensure long life and maximum capability clean and lubricate after each use.

Product Category
Box; Socket

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