Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) from Cable Depot Inc.


ADP8188 -- View Larger Image

Designed to Protect:

  • Corporate Servers
  • Departmental Servers
  • Small Business Servers
  • CAD/CAM/CAE Workstations
  • Critical Network Components
  • Hubs, Routers, Switches, Gateways

High Performance Power Protection with Automatic Voltage Regulation!
Our ADP8188 is designed to protect corporate and departmental servers, critical broadband network equipment, computer workstations as well as today's power-hungry multi-media computer systems. With an innovative design that allows the unit to be either free-standing or rack-mounted, the ADP8188 is flexible as well as powerful.

Automatic Voltage regulation insures that your sensitive electronic equipment receives only clean, consistent regulated power. With four (4) 7AH batteries, the unit provides long-lasting backup power in the event of a power failure. Dual serial ports allow for simultaneous shutdown of two servers. Occupying only 2U (3.5 inch tall) when mounted to a 19" rack, the ADP8188 packs more VA capacity into smaller cabinets.

  1. Power Switch
  2. Check Battery
  3. Battery Level Indicator
  4. Power On Indicator
  5. Wiring Fault Indicator
  6. Using Battery Indicator
  7. AVR Indicator
  8. Battery Backup, Surge Protection and AVR Outlets
  9. Circuit Breaker Reset for Overload Protection
  10. All outlets designed for AC adapters
  11. Dual Serial Ports support 2 servers or computer systems (Optional USB adapter available)
  12. Ethernet™ (RJ-45) Network Protection Ports
  13. Power Cord (10')
ADP8188 Technical Specifications
Capacity (VA/Watts)1500 VA/950 Watts
Enclosure (Color)2U (Black)


Voltage Range85 Vac - 150 Vac
Frequency Range47 - 63Hz +/- 5%


Voltage RangeSimulated Sine Wave at 120 Vac +/- 5% (User adjustable)
Frequency Range50Hz/60Hz +/- 5%
Transfer Time (Typical)4ms
Overload ProtectionInternal Current Limiting, 15 amp Circuit Breaker

Surge Protection and Filtering

Lightning/Surge Protection1800 Joules (20mm MOV, 241*2, 471*4)