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Preformed silicone heater mats are thin and lightweight and have a low thermal mass, hence their rapid heat up characteristics and fast response to temperature control. The mats wide operating temperature range, flexibility and superb electrical properties give them a distinct advantage over other forms of heating. In applications where a heater mat is required to fit small diameter pipe-work a more precise fit can be obtained by using the pre-formed option. Although the design dictates an accurate fit, this product is recommended to be used with a self-fusing tape to offer a more permanent securing method.
Mat Shape = Cylindrical
Power Rating = 210 W
Circular Mat Diameter = 83mm
Peak Temperature = +200°C
Supply Voltage = 240 V ac

Product Category
Electric Heaters
Heater Type
Flexible Heater

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Maximum Operating (Sheath) Temperature
Heating Capacity
Power Requirement
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