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A parallel circuit heating tape, with a constant wattage output for process temperature maintenance applications. This tape is flexible enough to allow it to be spiralled around a suitable pipe or vessel.
Features and Benefits. · The outer sheath is notched on alternate sides at 1 metre intervals to indicate cutting points. · Flexible
Applications. · For use for internal or external temperature maintenance applications. · Freeze protection. · Water, oil and chemical lines. · Sprinkler system mains. · Supply piping. · Not for use in hazardous areas
Cable Type = Constant Wattage, Parallel Circuit
Output per Metre = 40W
Voltage Rating = 110 V
Minimum Operating Temperature = -60°C
Maximum Operating Temperature = +200°C
Operating Temperature Range = -60 - +200 °C
Length = 20m
Sheath Material = Silicone Rubber
Standards Met = BS EN 62395-1:2006


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Electric Heaters
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