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Designed for single pipe hot water services. Maintains the water temperature at the point of use (typically 55°C). No requirement for return pipework or circulating pump. Self-regulating heating cable. Cannot overheat. Energy efficient. Safe and reliable. Protective earth braid for extra safety. Installation is quick and simple. Use with Rayclic® connection system. Pipe must be thermally insulated. Kit contains: 20m of heating cable, 1 roll of affixing tape and 3 warning labels for the insulation
Cable Type = Hot Water Maintenance
Output per Metre = 9W
Self Regulating = Yes
Voltage Rating = 230 V ac
Maximum Operating Temperature = +65°C
Operating Temperature Range = Maximum of +65 (Continuous Exposure Temperature) °C
Length = 20m
Sheath Colour = Orange


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Electric Heaters
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