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Mica heaters are best used on flat surfaces requiring heating where silicone or film heaters are not suitable for temperatures above 160 °C. These heaters must be temperature controlled and fitted correctly for best performance. Flat mica plate heaters are used in applications as e.g.: Dies, Platens, Moulds, Tanks, Process Machinery.
Constructed by winding resistance wire. Insulated and terminal connections fitted. Encased in Zintec sheet which gives good mechanical strength and protection. High temperature surface heating up to 260 °C
Dimensions = 50 x 50 mm
Peak Temperature = +260°C
Power Rating = 80 W
Supply Voltage = 230 V
Lead Length = 350mm
Length = 50mm
Width = 50mm


Product Category
Electric Heaters
Heater Type
Flexible Heater
Maximum Operating (Sheath) Temperature
Heating Capacity
AC Voltage Required
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