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Foam insulated heater mats are thin and lightweight and have a low thermal mass, hence their rapid heat up characteristics and fast response to temperature control. The mats wide operating temperature range, flexibility and superb electrical properties give them a distinct advantage over other forms of heating. The high performance foam insulation delivers an increase in efficiency and performance. Reducing the thermal losses of the element in turn reduces heat up times and allows operating temperatures to be more easily maintained. The addition of the Thermocouple component allows universal controller compatibility and when combined with the insulating foam layer ensures accurate and efficient heating performance.
Mat Shape = Rectangle
Power Rating = 200 W
Rectangular Mat Size = 150 x 200mm
Peak Temperature = +180°C
Supply Voltage = 240 V ac

Product Category
Electric Heaters
Heater Type
Flexible Heater

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Maximum Operating (Sheath) Temperature
Heating Capacity
Power Requirement
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