Composition Materials Co., Inc. Datasheets for Peening Shot

Peening shot and beads are small metal balls or glass beads that are used to impact compressive stresses into part surfaces and to deburr sharp edges without removing material.
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Product Name Notes
3 MOH Hardness, softest typeSelected applications: Electronics: light deflashing and deburring of encapsulated circuits. Soft metals and fiberglass: paint, primer and contamination stripping.
3.2-3.5 MOH Hardness; longest lasting type.Selected applications: For stripping aircraft structures, trucks, trailers, tractors, rail cars, vans, motor homes, marine vessels, cars, buses. Considerably "more forgiving" in hands of operator.
3.5 MOH Hardness; most heavily used type; significantly more aggressive than Type 1. Selected applications: Fastest practical media for stripping aircraft, trucks, trailers, tractors, rail cars, vans, motor homes, marine...
4 MOH Hardness; most aggressive, fastest-acting type. Replaces glass beads and other harsh abrasives. Selected applications: Mold cleaning; difficult-to-remove paints and primers from hard materials such as engine parts, turbine...
Aggressive surface cleaning and conditioning.
Among the more than 200 products manufactured and distributed by Composition Materials Co., Inc. worldwide, PLASTI-GRIT™ Plastic Blasting Media is our flagship media — custom engineered, dry stripping abrasive for...
Cleans, deflashes and deburrs tools and parts for the rubber, plastics, die casting, powdered metal and electronics industries.
Deflashing electronic components.