Composition Materials Co., Inc. Datasheets for Specialty Abrasive Grain and Finishing Media

Specialty abrasive grain and finishing media include glass beads, sodium carbonate, walnut shells, corn cobs, sponge, hardwood, coal slag and other organic materials as well as other unique compositions or materials for specialized processing.
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Product Name Notes
Finishing: Glass Beads are used on metal, glass, rubber, and plastic to create a uniform, smooth or shiny finish. Cleaning: Glass Bead Blasting removes substances from surfaces without...
Composition Materials pioneered Walnut Shell Grit Blasting media with the US Navy in the 1950's. Aircraft carriers and submarines were stripped of only their top coats, leaving the expensive undercoats...
For tumbling and vibratory finishing, polishing, deburring, deflashing and drying operations; for blasting wood, aluminum, fiberglass, buildings, boats; for hand soap additive.