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Tecaform AH ID Blue Plate is a Polyacetal sheet that is detectable by standard metal detection equipment plus is excellent for use in the food industry. The Acetal food grade material ensures high dimensional stability and machinability. The material has a high resistance to sterilisers and the low moisture absorption is ideal for a range of applications in the food industry. The blue colour is designed to help with optical detection by you or a camera reducing product contamination.
Tecaform AH ID Blue Plate,Polyacetal sheet,Detectable by standard metal detection equipment,Food industry use,High dimensional stability and machinability,High resistance to sterilisers, aqueous solutions (pH values from 4 to 14),Low moisture absorption,Optical and camera detection,Reduces product contamination,Good wear and abrasion qualities,Good property retention at elevated temperatures,Colour is blue
Colour = Blue
Length = 500mm
Width = 300mm
Thickness = 40mm
Material = Polyacetal
Density = 1.49g/cm³
Tensile Strength = 68 MPa
Hardness = 174 Ball Indentation MPa
Flammability Rating = UL 94
Water Absorption = 0.1%

Product Category
Fabricated Plastic Parts and Semi-Finished Shapes
Form / Shape
Sheet or Film

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