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Environmental: Glass filled Nylon 66 is unaffected by ultra-violet light. Strong acids (pH>3) will cause dimensional change due to absorption. Strong alkalis (pH>11) have no affect. Hot water and chlorinated hydrocarbons produce signs of mild attack by absorption.
High temperature static applications. 30% glass filling reinforces stiffness. Excellent dimensional stability. Increased strength and performance in comparison to standard nylon 66. Black in colour
Colour = Black
Length = 500mm
Width = 300mm
Thickness = 16mm
Material = Glass Reinforced Plastic
Density = 1.35g/cm³
Tensile Strength = 140 (Wet) MPa, 160 (Dry) MPa
Hardness = M 90 Rockwell
Flammability Rating = UL 94 HB
Water Absorption = 5.5%

Product Category
Fabricated Plastic Parts and Semi-Finished Shapes
Material System
Chemical System
Glass Reinforced Plastic
Form / Shape
Sheet or Film
Overall Size
0.6299 inch (16 mm)

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Width / O.D.
Material Properties (Nominal / Typical)
Tensile (Break)
Water Absorption

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