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Unsintered PTFE Film -- DW252

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DW 252 is an unsintered PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) film used in aircraft and aerospace wire insulation. DW 252 has good strength in the machine direction along with the inherent properties of PTFE such as exceptional chemical resistance and a temperature range of -450°F to +500°F. The DW 252 item is available in a Laser Printable version as well as in colors.

  • Premium PTFE
  • Developed for Aerospace Requirements

DW 252 has been developed for specific use in aerospace and aircraft wiring applications.
DeWAL manufactures this product to meet customer specifications. Specific PTFE resins are used to meet those customer specs. DeWAL prints the resin used on the core and labels to ensure that each customer can identify material that has been approved and required to meet their specification.


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