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IND-CFADAP CompactFlash Adapter Board

IND-CFADAP CompactFlash Adapter Board -- View Larger Image
IND-CFADAP CompactFlash Adapter Board-Image

IDE Compact Flash Hard Drive Emulator.
On-board IDE 40-pin connector and IDE 44-pin connector
Power regular 5 Volt to 3.3Volt.
Jumper selectable for master or slave hard drive.
4-pin power connector (only require for 40-PIN IDE)
On-board LED indicating access status
Board size:78 x 62 mm ( 3" x 2.5"
The IND-CFADAP is an unique design, used to emulate a hard drive using Compact Flash Cards. It provides both standard 40-pin and 44-pin IDE connectors for any master or slave configuration.

This unique design allows hard drives emulation without the need of special drivers or software.

It's quick setting avoid complicate engineer jobs. Below is information for its jumper settings, connector layouts, and pin assignments