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IND-FL2.5-XXXX IDE Flash Disk

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IND-FL2.5-XXXX IDE Flash Disk-Image

True IDE Hard Drive Emulator
PIO4 Data transfer rate 16.6Mbytes per second
Connector size compatible to standard 2.5" hard disk
Standard 2.5" Hard Disk Pin assignment
ECC function to detect and correct data errors automatically
Extremelly low power consumption
Supports Master and Slaver setting
Power input voltage 3.3V or 5V ±10%
Capacity from 16MB to 2560MB
Supported OS: Windows CE, QNX, Linux, Windows 3.1/95/98, Windows NT, DOS and more
The IND-FL2.5 compact Flash disk is a solid design, used to emulate a hard drive. It provide an excellent solution for both rugged environments as well as mobile applications. Its connector size and pin assignment is IDE compatible, and also jumper for any master or slave configuration. This unique design allows Desktop PC, industrial PC, POS, and set-top box can be easily replacing the original hard disk with the IND-FL2.5 Flash Disk for increasing operation reliability. The IND-FL2.5 compact Flash disk supports most popular Windows platform, and non-Windows platform, such as Linux, QNX, and more.

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