The Reflectory Datasheets for Safety Clothing

Safety clothing (also personal protective equipment, or PPE) is functional attire that minimizes the wearer's occupational risks. PPE is considered the last line of defense in worker safety, yet remains a crucial aspect of it.
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Product Name Notes
Body Harness -- EH310FY/L
Body Harness -- EH400FY/L
Body Harness -- EH400FY/XL
Body Harness, fl. yellow, 1.5"w x 3 x 50" plastic buckles
Body Harness -- EH310FY/XL Body Harness, fl. yellow, 1.5"w x 3 x 58" plastic buckles
State Shaped Reflector -- Mississippi
State Shaped Reflector -- Oregon
State Shaped Reflector -- South Dakota
State Shaped Reflector -- Texas
State Shaped Reflector -- Vermont
NHTSA reports that 69% of pedestrian accidents occur in the dark. Using a reflector tag helps make the wearer visible up to 500 feet away from a vehicle's headlights, giving...
Suspenders -- SP320FY/L
Waist Belt -- EB400FY/45
Plastic buckles
Suspenders -- SP320FY/XL Suspenders, fl. yellow, 1 1/2" X 50"
Armband -- AB610FY/L This unique 100% elastic armband has a 1/2" brilliant reflective stripe offers 600+ candlepower reflectivity. They are 15" long, 1 1/2" wide, and they offer hook & loop fasteners. The...
Traffic Vest -- TV500 Traffic Vest, 360 ยบ refectionized 2" fl. yellow stripes on fl. red light mesh, refective binding, refective adj. sides
Waist Belt -- EB400FY/39 Waist Belt, fl. yellow, 2" x 39"
Waist Belt -- EB400FY/52 Waist Belt, fl. yellow, 2" x 52"