PIERCAN USA, INC. Datasheets for Safety Clothing

Safety clothing (also personal protective equipment, or PPE) is functional attire that minimizes the wearer's occupational risks. PPE is considered the last line of defense in worker safety, yet remains a crucial aspect of it.
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Product Name Notes
Polyurethane/CSM Hypalon™ Long Glove • High mechanical properties, puncture and tear resistance • Highest performance with in situ leak detectors • High resistance to UV rays/ozone natural aging • Very resistant to reducing acids/diluted...
Polyurethane/Shielding Neoprene/CSM Hypalon™ Long Glove • Made of inseparable layers of polyurethane & Hypalon™ • Polyurethane provides high mechanical properties and low modulus • Hypalon provides resistance to ozone aging and acid/alkali products • Protects...
Polyurethane Long Glove Extremely High Mechanical Properties High Protective Abrasion/Tear Resistance Good Resistance to Ozone/Natural Aging Resistant to Aliphatic Solvents
Neoprene Long Glove High Mechanical Properties Tensile/Elongation Generally Resistant to Hydrogen Peroxide Resistant to Oil/Grease High Dexterity/Comfort
CSM Long Glove High Resistance to UV Rays/Ozone Natural Aging Particularly Adapted When Hydrogen Peroxide & Peracetic Acid are Used Very Resistant to Reducing Acids/Diluted Acids/Alkalies & Salts
Butyl Long Glove Highest Water Vapor/Gas Impermeability Low/High Temperature Using Limits Very Resistant to Ketones, Concentrated Oxidizing Acids, Concentrated Alkalies & Salts
Natural Rubber Long Glove Standard Use Electrical Insulation Diluted Acids Alkalies & Salts
Sleeve+Groove+O Rings+Isolator Glove We provide a wide range of comb0 sleeves, groove o ring/isolator gloves, or isolator gloves alone. Adapted for pharmaceutical industries whenever frequent replacement is required. Materials available for the sleeves...
Over Gloves -- HOG0408SF
Over Gloves -- HOG0508SF
When sharps, tools, and wear surfaces are present in a glovebox operation, operators should protect the glovebox gloves as if they were a second skin. Protect your second skin with...