Wilson Case, Inc. Datasheets for Cabinets and Casework

Cabinets and casework includes cabinets and casework for various uses and applications. They are made of wood, plastic, steel, aluminum or composite materials.
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Product Name Notes
UltiMate Athletic Trainer's Cases -- 64-428 A case that does it all! The UltiMate Athletic Trainer's shipping case is the most versatile yet! Packed with features, this case doesn't waste a single inch of space! Its...
Double Upright Athletic Equipment Shipping Cases Athletic Trainers and Equipment Managers both score big with Wilson's Double Upright shipping cases. Our standard size is designed to fit easily into cargo bays on buses and airplanes. The...
Double Drawer Upright #3 Shipping Case -- 68-610 Multiple drawers and organizer trays, casters, double drawer
Double Drawer Upright #1 -- 68-611
Double Drawer Upright #4 -- 68610NA
Our most popular Wilson Double Upright case! The Double Drawer is filled with drawers and has plenty of room for all your stuff! Plus, it will fit easily in cargo...
PowerMate 1 Mobile Medical Shipping Case -- 68-475
PowerMate 2 Mobile Medical Shipping Case -- 68-476
The PowerMate Athletic Trainer's Shipping Case is wider and deeper than our SportMate. You can pack a lot more supplies and still have a case that is easy to handle.
TablePro Portable Treatment Table -- 68-718 The TablePRO can handle the largest athletes with ease and has ample room for supplies. Plus, there are no wobbly table legs and the case folds to a compact size!
SportMate Athletic Trainer's Shipping Case -- 68-419 This compact version of the Ultimate athletic shipping case fits easily into vehicle trunks and back seats. Our exclusive TagAlong handle slides out for effortless pulling and slides back in...
Medical Mobility Workstation Case -- 70-310
Medical Mobility Workstation Case -- 70-310v2
Medical Mobility Workstation Case -- 70-311
Medical Mobility Workstation Case -- 70-312
Wilson Case's Medical Mobility Workstation cases make it easy to deploy medical resources quickly. Once at location they allow for quick set up and treatment. Our cases are smartly designed...
ATA-300 Upright Workstation Transit Case -- 90-128 WorkStation: Unisys, FUJ Case
ATA-300 Workstation Transit Case -- 90-129 WorkStation: Unisys, HP Case