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A versatile modular storage system consisting of a range of seven different modular drawer storage units, 600 mm wide, which can be self-stacked or mounted on wall frames.
The drawer units are moulded in polypropylene and the clear containers are manufactured from polyester resin and polypropylene. Each container is capable of being used individually and tilt open to 45° to gain access to stored products. The containers can be removed from the drawer units and located in other units of the same size or used as individual containers. Supplied with identification labels.
Ideal display/storage system for small and medium size parts. Excellent space utilisation, accessibility, flexibility and visibility
Drawers = 3
Case Material = PP
Height = 240mm
Width = 600mm
Depth = 200mm
Transparent Drawers = Yes
Drawer Material = PP
Tilt Drawers = Yes
Wall Mounted = Yes


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Cabinets and Casework
Drawer Cabinet
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