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A 19in. wall mountable enclosure made from high grade materials and designed to accommodate any standard 19in. equipment. The cabinet has two cable entry points on the top and bottom of the enclosure, plastic snap in panels cover these slots and can be conveniently removed. For additional security, the panels of this 19in. enclosure can be replaced by a metal plate secured from the inside of the cabinet. The large opening in the cabinet usually used for fan trays or filler panels can be used for cable entry. The fully adjustable vertical mounting rails of this wall mount enclosure allow for precise configuration of the equipment.
The wall cabinet will support loads up to 50kg (load will vary depending on wall construction). Additional depth can be obtained by installation of our extension kits. Reversible doors permit left or right hand installation. Cable openings are provided on the top and bottom panels, plastic snap in panels cover these slots and can be easily removed. Ventilation slots on the side panels and an opening on the top of the enclosure for ventilation. Mounts directly to the wall via four removable brackets, there is a single 19in. mounting rail built in to the front frame. Lockable doors and internally secured panels
Rack Units = 12U
Type = Wall Mount
External Height = 574 mm
Flat Packed = No
External Dimensions = 574 x 540 x 500mm
External Case Material = Steel
External Depth = 500mm
External Width = 540 mm
Colour = Black


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Cabinets and Casework
Bin Cabinet
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