Thermometrics Corporation Datasheets for Temperature Sensors

Temperature sensors are measurement devices that infer temperature by sensing some physical characteristic (i.e. resistance, emf or thermal radiation).
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Product Name Notes
Bearing Sensor -- RTD 2-wire 2 wire rtd (±0.12% at 0°C)
Bearing Sensor -- RTD 3-wire 3 wire rtd(±0.12% at 0°C)
Bearing Sensor -- RTD 4-wire 4 wire rtd (±0.12% at 0°C)
Thermocouple With Plug Accurate thermocouple types E, J, K, N & T with standard size connectors attached with metal sheaths (sizes from 1/16 inch to 1/4 inch diameter).
Armored Thermocouple Armor cable protects the leads of thermocouple types E, J, K, N & T. Metal sheaths made to your required length.
Autoclave Thermocouple Autoclave thermocouples are designed to withstand the harsh environment of an autoclave. They are ideally suited for food applications where steam wash down is necessary.
Bare Lead Thermocouple Bare Lead Mineral Insulated Thermocouple Probes can be used as replacement probes for plant operations or as an OEM component to build temperature sensors.
Bearing Sensor -- Case Style A Case Style A- Ø=0.275" L= 0.250"
Bearing Sensor -- Case Style B Case Style B- Ø=0.188" L= 0.250"
Bearing Sensor -- Case Style C Case Style C- Ø=0.125" L= 0.300"
Bearing Sensor -- Case Style D Case Style D- Ø=0.080" L= 0.300"
Tube Skin/Weld Pad Thermocouple Commonly used in Petro-Chemical industries. The sensors are welded or clamped to measure process temperature.
Field Adjustable Sensor Field Adjustable Sensors are ideal for applications involving various sheath lengths that are best determined on site, rather than on an engineering drawing.
Flex Armor Thermocouple Flex armor temperature sensors are commonly used in extruder and plastic processing and bearing industries.
RTD Temperature Elements For measuring high temperatures you should use a sensor, which reliably works in rough environments, has a long expectancy of life andideally comes up with the space-saving concepts of the...
Handheld Thermocouple Handheld meter for various thermocouple inputs. Rugged design, dual scale with loads of functionality
3-Wire RTD In a three wire RTD one of the wires is connected to one side of the temperature element and the remaining two wires are connected to the other side of...
Overbraided Thermocouple Incorporate high temperature ceramic insulation with inconel overbraid thermocouple wires to create a flexible, abrasion resistant thermocouple.
Magnet Mount Thermocouple Magnet Mount Thermocouples can be utilized on any ferrous metals as an easy means to measure surface temperature of an object.
Penetration Thermocouple Penetration Thermocouple probes are utilized when an application requires insertion into a soft, medium, or semi-solid media to allow for best possible internal temperature response.
Pierce Probe Temperature Sensor Piercing probe temperature sensor is manufactured with heavy wall tubing to provide support for production line handling and a spring relief.
Thin Film RTDs Platinum Thin Film RTD Elements are fabricated using state-of-the-art thin film processing techniques, resulting in an element of exceptional quality and stability.
Multi-Point Thermocouple probes consist of several smaller diameter thermocouples placed inside a single outer sheath. They are best suited for profiling the temperature at various points along a single axis.
Thermocouple With Connection Head Protection Head Probes are typically utilized in an industrial environment to help protect the probe from harsh conditions.
PT100 RTD PT100 sensors offer excellent accuracy over a wide temperature range (from -200 to +850 C).
Embedment RTDs Recognition of rising temperature can provide a warning of the breakdown of the bearing lubricating oil film; thus allowing machine shutdown and maintenance to take place. Prevention is always better...
Platinum Thermometer Resistance thermometers,(RTDs), are temperature sensors that exploit the predictable change in electrical resistance of some materials with changing temperature.
Sanitary RTDs Sanitary RTD sensors provide precise temperature measurements for Sanitary applications found in the Food, Dairy, Beverage, Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industries.
Screw In Thermocouple Screw in thermocouples are ideal for vessel applications, pressurized containers and applications requiring mounting in a NPT orifice for fixed readings.
Spring Loaded Thermocouple spring-loaded thermocouple is designed for threaded blind-hole measurements, surfaces subject to vibration/oscillation and any application where positive contact for good measurement is required.
Surface Mount Thermocouple Surface thermocouple probes normally feature a flat thermocouple element that is designed to make good contact with rigid surface.
Replacement Thermocouple The Flexible lead wire (NB1) replacement probe is ideal for field installation with existing protection heads or for extending leads to remote locations. Flexible leads prevent breakage in hard to...
4-Wire RTD The optimum form of connection for RTDs is a four-wire circuit. It removes the error caused by mismatched resistance of the lead wires.
PT1000 RTD The Pt1000 has 1000 ohms resistance at 0 C. These sensors are normally fitted into some type of protective sheath or mounting to form a probe.
General Purpose Thermocouples Thermocouple assembly, types E, J, K, N & T with general purpose conduit head and metal sheath with mounting threads
Bearing Thermocouple Sensor These bearing sensors are designed for use in bearing shoes and will give reliable indication as to the bearing condition. This may provide an early warning of oil film breakdown.
Bearing Sensor -- 90 deg This 90° design is intended to relieve stress put on the wires by bending them
Bearing Sensor -- Screw In Free This design screws into a threaded hole and has 360° free spinning leads
Transition Joint Thermocouple Transition Joint Thermocouples are typically made up of a metal sheathed thermocouple of a given diameter which "transitions" to a lead wire via a slightly larger cylindrical barrel
High-Temperature Thermocouple Ultra-high temperatures to over 4,200?F with conduit head attached available in various sheath materials.
Bayonet Mount Thermocouple
Bayonet RTD
Universal design allows for quick Thermocouple or RTD installation into existing twist-lock adapters.
2-Wire RTD Using the 2-wire method, the two wires that provide the RTD with its excitation current and the two wires across which the RTD voltage is measured are the same.
Weld Pad Sensor Weld Pad RTD and Thermocouple sensors are commonly used in Petro-Chemical industries. These sensors are welded to pipe to provide a measurement of process temperature.
Wire Wound Element Wire wound elements are basically a "hand made" product which involves lot of skilled Labor. It is manufactured by placing a coil of thin wire into a ceramic insulator. The...