Solar Light Company, Inc. Datasheets for Temperature Sensors

Temperature sensors are measurement devices that infer temperature by sensing some physical characteristic (i.e. resistance, emf or thermal radiation).
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Product Name Notes
Temperature Probe -- PMA2161K
Temperature Probe -- PMA2162K
Temperature Probe -- PMA2163K
Temperature Probe -- PMA2164K
Measures temperature in a range of -40 to +150°C with high accuracy and stability. The PMA2160 is an interface that permits a thermistor temperature probe to be attached to the...
Temperature Probe -- PMA2165 The PMA2165 is a complete thermocouple probe that is compatible with the PMA2100 Personal Measurement Assistant. The probe comes in two versions, either with J or K type thermocouple.
Temperature\Humidity Probe -- PMA2170 The PMA2170 is an accurate smart probe for measuring relative humidity and ambient temperature when used in conjunction with the PMA2100 Personal Measurement Assistant. A memory chip is embedded into...
Flat Response Thermopile -- PMA2143 With the PMA2143 thermopile radiant fluxes can be measured. It is sensitive to radiation from 0.2 to 50 µm, and has a field of view of 10°. It brings the...