Exergen Corp. Datasheets for Temperature Sensors

Temperature sensors are measurement devices that infer temperature by sensing some physical characteristic (i.e. resistance, emf or thermal radiation).
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Product Name Notes
Linearized Infrared Temperature Sensor -- SmartIRt/c.20
Linearized Infrared Temperature Sensor -- SmartIRt/c.3
Linearized Infrared Temperature Sensor -- SmartIRt/c.40
Linearized Infrared Temperature Sensor -- SmartIRt/c.5
Plug and play, linearized, precise accuracy, with integral design which eliminates thermal drift. No leakage current, impedance, or cold junction compensation to worry about.
Snake-Eye High Speed IR Thermal Switch -- SnakeEye™.3-LTE
Snake-Eye High Speed IR Thermal Switch -- SnakeEye™.3SV-LTE
Reduce scrap in your manufacturing process. Detect the presence of hot objects (such as hot melt adhesive, labels, laser engravings, seals, and pressed fit parts) with the photo-cell like, thermally...
Pre-Calibrated IRt/c -- IRt/c
Pre-Calibrated IRt/c -- IRt/c.01
Pre-Calibrated IRt/c -- IRt/c.03
Pre-Calibrated IRt/c -- IRt/c.1X
Pre-Calibrated IRt/c -- IRt/c.2
Pre-Calibrated IRt/c -- IRt/c.3SV
Pre-Calibrated IRt/c -- IRt/c.3X
Pre-Calibrated IRt/c -- IRt/c.5
Pre-Calibrated IRt/c -- IRt/c.SV
The most reliable non contact temperature sensors on earth. No active electronics, so these passive devices can not fail. Mean Time Between Failure reports have been documented with a rate...
Pre-Calibrated IRt/c -- micro IRt/c-K
Pre-Calibrated IRt/c -- micro IRt/c-K-*-SH
Pre-Calibrated IRt/c -- micro IRt/c.4-K-440F/220C
Pre-Calibrated IRt/c -- micro IRt/c.4-K-440F/220C-SH
Pre-Calibrated IRt/c -- micro IRt/c.4SV-K-440F/220C
Pre-Calibrated IRt/c -- micro IRt/c.4SV-K-440F/220C-SH
Pre-Calibrated IRt/c -- micro IRt/c.SV-K
Pre-Calibrated IRt/c -- micro IRt/c.SV-K-*-SH
The world's smallest IRt/c's are self powered, with K t/c output. For those special applications where mounting is impossible with standard sized sensors, the micro IRt/c can go places no...
Adjustable IRt/c -- IRt/c.100A-*-HiE
Adjustable IRt/c -- IRt/c.100A-*-LoE
Adjustable IRt/c -- IRt/c.10A-*-HiE
Adjustable IRt/c -- IRt/c.10A-*-LoE
Adjustable IRt/c -- IRt/c.12AMF-*-LoE
Adjustable IRt/c -- IRt/c.2/15ACF-*-HiE
Adjustable IRt/c -- IRt/c.2/15ACF-*LoE
Adjustable IRt/c -- IRt/c.2/15ALF-*-HiE
Adjustable IRt/c -- IRt/c.2/15ALF-*-LoE
Adjustable IRt/c -- IRt/c.2/18AMF-*-HiE
Adjustable IRt/c -- IRt/c.2/18AMF-*-LoE
Adjustable IRt/c -- IRt/c.20A-*-HiE
Adjustable IRt/c -- IRt/c.20A-*LoE
Adjustable IRt/c -- IRt/c.2ACF-*-HiE
Adjustable IRt/c -- IRt/c.2ACF-*-LoE
Adjustable IRt/c -- IRt/c.2AXLF-*-HiE
Adjustable IRt/c -- IRt/c.2AXLF-*-LoE
Adjustable IRt/c -- IRt/c.3AMF-*-HiE
Adjustable IRt/c -- IRt/c.3AMF-*-LoE
Adjustable IRt/c -- IRt/c.4ACF-*-HiE
Adjustable IRt/c -- IRt/c.4ACF-*-LoE
Adjustable IRt/c -- IRt/c.4ALF-*-HiE
Adjustable IRt/c -- IRt/c.4ALF-*-LoE
Adjustable IRt/c -- IRt/c.4AXLF-*-HiE
Adjustable IRt/c -- IRt/c.4AXLF-*-LoE
Adjustable IRt/c -- IRt/c.6AMF-*-HiE
Adjustable IRt/c -- IRt/c.6AMF-*-LoE
Adjustable IRt/c -- IRt/c.7ALF-*-HiE
Adjustable IRt/c -- IRt/c.7ALF-*-LoE
Adjustable IRt/c -- IRt/c.8ACF-*-LoE
These models allow for the user to calibrate the IRt/c's to match a thermocouple in whatever temperature range they desire. The range adjustment screw is adjusted to calibrate for temperature...