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The Metravolt 12D+L is a 2-pole voltage tester with digital display combined with integrated continuity, phase, polarity and phase sequence testing.
The voltage tester allows for safe detection and measurement of AC and DC voltages within a range of 24 to 1000 V at frequencies of up to 4 kHz. Resistance can also be measured within a range of 0 to 1999 kΩ with the integrated continuity tester. Voltage and resistance values appear in digital format at the LCD. Three LEDs indicate dangerous contact voltage and phase sequence, another LED indicates resistance and a sound generator indicates continuity. Fully Automated Measuring Sequence. Measured Value Storage. Self-Test and Battery Monitoring. Rugged Housing. Complies with CAT IV
Maximum Voltage = 1000 V ac, 1500 V dc
Continuity Check = Yes
Safety Category = CAT IV 1000 V
Display Type = LCD
IP Rating = IP65
Battery Type = 9V
Power Source = Battery
Dimensions = 240 x 62 x 39mm
Weight = 270g
Height = 39mm

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