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The CA740N-UK voltage absence tester (UK version) is an essential tool for electricians, allowing them to check that no voltage is present, in accordance with the applicable standards and the labour legislation.
VAT equipped with a test probe fitted with a fuse as per the GS38 standard. The built-in Autotest on the CA740N-UK is comprehensive: testing of the electrical circuits, the power supply, the displays and the continuity test. Simple to use and easy to handle even with safety gloves, the CA740N-UK can also be used for:. Voltage measurement (DC or AC) from 12 V to 690 VAC/750 VDC. Frequency measurement: DC and 16 2/3 to 800 Hz. Phase/neutral identification. Audible and visual continuity test with R<100 Ω. Complies with IEC 61243-3:2010 . IEC 61010 600 V CAT IV. IP65 for indoor/outdoor work. The test probes and leads are removable
Maximum Voltage = 750V
Continuity Check = Yes
Safety Category = CAT IV 600 V
Display Type = LED
IP Rating = IP65
Calibrated = RSCAL
Battery Type = AAA, LR3
Power Source = Battery
Dimensions = 64 x 40 x 163mm
Weight = 210g

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