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MS-918-PG is a voltage absence tester in accordance with EN 61243-3 (2010). In response to the requirements of the new standard NF C 18-510 and with the European standard EN 50110-1. MS-918-PG ensures both VCU function and extra functions such as continuity, phase rotation and phase detection.
Suitable for indoor / outdoor use. Carry out the verification of Absence voltage. Control of voltage levels from 12 V ac â†' 900 V ac, 1000 V dc (depending on model). Control of sound and light continuity of a circuit off (threshold of 200 Ω for MS 917 and MS 918 for 80 Ω). Unipolar tracking the phase. Research polarity of a DC circuit. Control of the phase rotation by 2 method only son for the MS 918. Flexible double-insulated leads. IP65
Continuity Check = Yes
Safety Category = CAT IV 600V
IP Rating = IP65
Battery Type = AAA
Power Source = Battery
Weight = 210g
Model Number p = MS-918-PG

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