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The Martindale VI13800 is identical to the Martindale VI3700 except that the VI3800 does not have a fuse. This is so that it complies with BS EN61243-3: 2010, which came into effect in May 2013. This standard bans the use of fuses in 2-pole voltage indicators. The VI13800 safety characteristics include retractable prods, cable with an inner cover of different colour (to quickly identify damaged cables) and impedance at both ends to limit current flow if a lead should be broken.
Testing for DC and AC voltage up to 600V. Automatic AC/DC detection. Bright LED indication. Full voltage indication function without batteries. Protective resistor in probe to limit current in event of cable damage. Ergonomic and robust housing. Retractable shrouds. Fully meets GS38 and BE EN61243-3: 2010. Measurement Category CAT IV 600V, CAT III 1000V
Maximum Voltage = 600V ac/dc
Safety Category = CAT III 1000V, CAT IV 600 V
IP Rating = IP54
Dimensions = 205 x 67 x 27mm
Weight = 130g
Height = 27mm
Length = 205mm
Maximum Operating Temperature = +55°C
Model Number p = VI13800
Width = 67mm

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