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From OEP, this selection of compact encapsulated PCB and surface mount line isolating transformers are for use in data transmission applications. They are approved and certified for use in telecommunications circuits required to meet BS6305 (Speech and Non-Speech Class A) providing the line hold current is diverted from the windings by a choke or other electronic means. Constructed from resin encapsulated in a glass filled nylon box, these line isolating transformers are flame retardant to UL94-V0 requirements.
Primary Inductance = 3.6H
Primary DC Resistance = 111Ohms
Secondary DC Resistance = 111Ohms
Insertion Loss = 4dB
Turns Ratio = 1:1
Mounting Type = Surface Mount
Leakage Inductance = 4100µH
Dimensions = 9 x 7.3 x 14.2mm
Depth = 14.2mm
Length = 9mm

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