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Chip balun transformer ATB3225 series have low insertion loss and good balance parameters. The case sizes is smaller than conventional baluns. The frequency band width for ATB3225-75011CT is 5 to 200MHz, for ATB3225-75032CT is 5 to 100MHz, and for ATB3225-75034CT is 1 to 100MHz. Conforms to the RoHS Directive. Application in cable modem
ATB2012 series are developed for impedance systems, Impedance ratio is 1:1. ATB2012-50011 and ATB2012E-50011M are for 50Ω impedance and ATB2012-75011 and ATB2012E-75011M are for 75Ω impedance. The frequency band width for ATB2012-50011 is 40MHz to 860MHz (Standard IL = 1.0dB), for ATB2012E-50011M is 400MHz to 1.8GHz (Standard IL =1.0dB), for ATB2012-75011is 50MHz to 1.2GHz (Standard IL = 0.8dB), and for ATB2012E-75011M is 400MHz to 1.8GHz (Standard IL = 1.0dB). Applications include TV and mobile device tuners (DVB-T/H, ISDB-T, etc.) and STB / tuner power divider
Primary DC Resistance = 0.7Ohms
Insertion Loss = 2dB
Turns Ratio = 3:2
Mounting Type = Surface Mount
Dimensions = 3.2 x 2.5 x 2.3mm
Depth = 2.3mm
Length = 3.2mm
Width = 2.5mm
Maximum Operating Frequency = 100MHz
Minimum Operating Frequency = 5MHz
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