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Firwin Corp.: a manufacturer of removable/reusable insulation blankets and permanent insulation systems for engines & exhaust systems, including manifolds, turbochargers, piping, silencers, purifiers, etc. Our products protect personnel from burns, shield heat-sensitive components, lower ambient heat, and optimize catalyst performance.

The company's product line can be divided into 2 main categories:

· Removable Insulation Blankets: Custom-fitted to match the part(s) to be insulated, Firwin's Blankets are ideal where periodic access to the insulated parts is necessary for maintenance or inspection purposes. Firwin's blankets are available with various fastening systems, and can be designed to withstand heat as high as 2000°F. Our blankets meet the UL2200-standard for Stationary Engines and Generator Assemblies.

· Firwin HC Hard Coat Insulation: A permanent, high temperature insulation, Firwin HC is ideal for limited space applications requiring long-term exposure to high temperatures, where the ability to remove the insulation is not required.

If you seek outstanding solutions, and the right partner to meet your insulation challenges, you'll find working with Firwin Corp. will exceed your expectations. An ISO 9001:2008 certified company.

Company Information
We are a service oriented company, priding ourselves in finding the correct insulation solution to your heat related problems. For more information on our insulation solutions, please visit
UL 2200; ISO 9001:2008
 Low Volume; High Volume; Cutting; Fabrication; Coating; Custom Designed Removable Insulation Blankets
Fiberglass; Ceramics; Composite Structurals; Mineral; Natural / Biological

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