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Rolls of double-sided polyurethane foam with a strong acrylic adhesive for producing resistant assemblies while compensating for flatness defects on rough or uneven surfaces. These tapes act as a vibration damper, provide excellent shock resistance and reduce sound transmissions. Tapes that withstand differences in temperature and have excellent draughtproofing and sealing properties. The open-cell structure of the foam on these tapes allows air, gas and moisture to flow through while resisting high temperatures and solvents. Typically used in the manufacture of safety glass, mirror fixings, PCB assembly, panels etc.
Width = 25mm
Thickness = 3.2mm
Length = 33m
Backing Material = PUR Foam
Colour = Natural
Adhesion Strength = 17 N/cm
Foam Density = 240kg/m³
Adhesive Material = Acrylic
Tensile Strength = 17N/cm
Minimum Operating Temperature = -30°C

Manufacturer Part Number
4008 25MM
Product Category
Double Sided and Transfer Tapes
Double- Sided
Materials of Construction
Backing Material
Plastic / Polymer
Configuration / Size
0.9843 inches (25 mm)

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Properties and Performance Characteristics
Temperature Resistance

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