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The 74HC family by DiodesZetex is made up of high-speed logic devices that use CMOS circuitry. It is a series of general purpose logics ICs with low power consumption. A variety of types are available including standard logic gates, hex inverters, buffers, decoders & demultiplexers, Schmitt trigger inverters, counters & shift registers.
Supply Voltage Range: 2 V to 6 V. Sinks or Sources 4 mA at VCC: 4.5 V. CMOS Low Power Consumption. ESD Protection Exceeds JESD 22 - 200V Machine Model (A115-A)- 2000V Human Body Model (A114-A) - Exceeds 1000V Charged Device Model (C101C)
Logic Family = HC
Logic Function = Schmitt Trigger Buffer
Number of Channels = 4
Schmitt Trigger Input = Yes
Input Type = Schmitt Trigger
Output Type = 3 State
Polarity = Non-Inverting
Mounting Type = Surface Mount
Package Type = TSSOP
Pin Count = 14


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Buffer Amplifiers
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