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Buffer Amplifier -- MSK0033

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The MSK 0033(B) is a high speed, wide bandwidth voltage follower/buffer amplifier that is pin compatible with all other 0033 designs. The FET input is cascaded to force the input characteristics to remain constant over the full input voltage range. Significantly improved performance in sample and hold circuits is achieved since the DC bias current remains constant with input voltage. The FET input also makes the MSK 0033 very accurate since it produces extremely low input bias current, input offset voltage and input offset voltage drift specifications. Transistion times in the range of 2.5 nS make the MSK 0033 fast enough for most high speed voltage follower/buffer amplifier applications.


  • Industry Wide LH0033/EL2005 Replacement
  • Low Input Offset - 2mV
  • Low Input Offset Drift - 25µV/°C
  • FET Input, Low Input Current - 50pA
  • High Slew Rate - 1500V/µS
  • Wide Bandwidth - 140MHz
  • High Output Current - ±100mA
  • Available to DLA SMD 5962-80014


Product Category
Buffer Amplifiers
Slew Rate
1500 V/µs
Supply Voltage (VS)
-20 to 20 volts
5 millivolts
Operating Temperature
-40 to 85 C (-40 to 185 F)
Package Type
Number of Pins
Number of Devices