Filter Elements from New Pig Corporation

PIG Self Bailer Kit -- FLT517

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PIG Self Bailer Kit -- FLT517-Image
  • In normal operation, Self Bailer allows clean rainwater outflow to flow through unrestricted
  • Automatically stops outflow if filter senses a large hydrocarbon leak or if absorbent cartridge is completely saturated with hydrocarbons
  • Fail-safe valve closes as internal SAP absorbent captures hydrocarbons; the faster a spill is sensed, the more quickly the valve closes
  • Manual shutoff valve can be used to stop all draining; ideal for filter changeouts
  • Easily attaches to spill pallets and a variety of containment units
  • Helps you comply with SPCC and Stormwater regulations
  • Ideal for non-monitored containment sites
  • Clean water flow of up to 7.5 gallons per hour


Product Category
Filter Elements
Flow Rate (Liquids)
0.1 GPM (0.4735 L/min)
Filter Medium Material
Bonded Carbon