Gas Discharge Tubes (GDT) from Littelfuse, Inc.

Low to Medium Surge GDT -- CG7200MS

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Low to Medium Surge GDT -- CG7200MS-Image

Littelfuse CG7 series GDT is a miniature surface mount device with a 1kA 8/20?S surge rating. Its low insertion loss and thus low off-state capacitance makes it compatible with high bandwidth applications up to the GHz RF range. This GDT’s crow barring characteristic protects sensitive ICs from surges as defined in ITU K.20/21/45 Basic and Enhanced Recommendations, GR-1089-CORE first level lightning Port Type 1 and 3, and IEC 61000- 4-5 2nd edition. It is hermetically sealed using non-radioactive materials and is thus environmentally safe. Its 2.8mm diameter size makes it the world’s smallest two-electrode single chamber GDT.


  • Up to 1kA Surge Capability in Minimal Footprint
  • Ultra-low capacitance (< 0.3 pF)
  • Surface mount form factor


  • G.Fast Modems
  • Cable Modems
  • MoCA (Multimedia over Coax Alliance)
  • EMTA (Embedded Multimedia Terminal Adapter)
  • RF Connectors
  • xDSL
  • RJ 45 Connectors


Product Category
Gas Discharge Tubes (GDT)
Capacitance Range
0.5000 pF
Rated Voltage
Rated Voltage
Rated Voltage
Rated Current