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MultiTech Systems 4-Port VOIP Gateway/SIP Server -- MVP410-SS

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MultiTech Systems 4-Port VOIP Gateway/SIP Server -- MVP410-SS-Image

The MultiVOIP SS survivable SIP gateway and server is ideal for small branch offices of large corporations that
have deployed a distributed IP telephony network. It functions as the primary or secondary SIP server for IP
phones used at the remote offices and renders local office survivability, in the case of a LAN or WAN failure, by
providing local, reliable PSTN trunking. The MultiVOIP SS gateway also provides local PSTN access for emergency
calls, such as 911, as well as normal inbound/outbound local calling. In addition, the gateway functions as an
analog telephone adapter (ATA), adapting analog phones and fax machines to IP environments.
- 2-, 4-, 8- analog ports for communication over an existing IP network or the Internet
- Supports SIP for sending voice over the Internet
- FXS/FXO/DID and E&M; connectors on each channel for direct analog connection to phones, key telephones, PBX extensions, PSTN lines or PBX trunks
- Provides local office survivability in the event of a LAN/WAN failure
- Emergency transfer (power-out fail-over)
- PSTN trunking bridges the PSTN to the IP network for emergency calls as well as normal inbound/outbound calling
- Multi-port ATA functionality for analog phones and fax
- Ethernet connectivity and full IP compatibility with existing routers and WAN infrastructure
- Voice compression to 5.3K bps per call with support for multiple algorithms, including ITU G.723 and G.729
- VAD and CNG support
- QoS via DiffServ or 802.1p
- T.38 real-time fax relay for interoperability among other VOIP equipment
- Supports SIP supplementary services including call forward, call transfer, and call hold
- Adaptive echo cancellation, forward error correction and dynamic jitter buffers
- Configuration and management using a Web browser or Windows
- Built-in modem for remote out-of-band management (4- and 8- port models)


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